Filzip for Windows 10


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FilZip is an archiving utility for the Windows platform. 
It now supports about 15 archive types, like arj, cab, rar, 
tar, lha and many more. The new Explorer mode allows you 
to work like in Windows' Explorer. Its many features include the 
Windows integration, e.g. drag&drop, compressing & extracting 
files from the context menu, to MultiExtract, test or 
repair archives directly with one click from the mouse.
Strong ecryption (AES) is also supported in Filzip 3.0.
You can rename, move copy or delete archives within Filzip. 
Zipping features: add, delete, view, open files from an 
archive, view & edit the zip comment, password protect 
zip files, test files while extracting, automatic 
installation of archives. For visualization, Filzip supports printing of the 
archive listings to html, txt or your standrad printer.
You can easily convert an archive 
into another format, eg zip to tar. a sfx creation module is included.